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Ci3 Income LIMITED
When you partner with Ci3 Income, you can be sure that your investment is in good hands with steady growth, timely payments and security of your investment.

Ci3 Income Limited is an investment management service that invests your money in the right selection of investments; from stocks to bonds to currency trading and the more volatile cryptocurrency. We aim to achieve the best possible return on investment for your money at the level of risk that you are comfortable with, in accord with your long term financial goals. Our specialized team of financial experts, analysts and economists work relentlessly to monitor, analyze and forecast financial market situations to avert any negative consequences of the financial market fluctuations.

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our mission
Ci3 Income Limited is established on the principles and a clear philosophy of producing maximum value for our clients’ investments. We absolutely understand with a profound consideration that your money can be your life savings. It may be earned with years over years’ worth of sweat and blood and it needs to be well taken care of. That is why Ci3 Income was founded on the approach of putting our clients first. With this clarity of mind, we create value for our clients, meeting their needs with flexible and creative solutions. We are committed to delivering the best services by providing our clients with solid financial and investment advice. Our dedicated team of financial analysts are on a constant look out for changing scenarios and new investment opportunities, which might just be the right pick for you. We strive to achieve our mission of efficiently managing portfolios with flexible strategies, and creating a productive and effective work culture.
our vision
The Vision of Ci3 Income limited is to serve the investors in our capital markets with diligence, Integrity and professionalism. In a way, we strive to become a trusted name in investment for our partners, clients and potential investors. We envision a successful future not only for our own firm, but for all the investors that choose to partner with us, sharing the bounty and thriving together. We have a deep concern for our organizational values which enable us to tread the right path in all circumstances. Our core values include Excellence which we strive to achieve in all our services. Dedication which is in integral part of our employees training. Professionalism of the highest degree, without which no organization can thrive. Work ethics and transparency that is an essential factor when it comes to money management. And with all these values, we hope to achieve the trust of our partners.
our goals
Our primary goal is to help our partners grow and for us to grow as a business. We believe that success is a two way road and with our clients’ success, comes our success. Thus, our goals as an organization are to stay focused on making the best investments, with good intentions and to the best of our abilities. It is also our goal to regulate risk management and making an effort to optimize returns on investments. As an organization we would like to achieve high professionalism, regulatory compliance and best practices in governance. We also aim to provide the top notch customer support and consultations to our partners for them to learn with us. And lastly we aim to groom and develop finest human resource in the industry with high standards of professionalism and ethics to serve our partners in the best possible way.